Cosmetics brand Quick Beauty are an established Australian brand that wanted to expand their growth in the US and UK through strategic paid media and influencer marketing strategies.

Our Solution

Providing strategy and execution of US and UK launch campaigns, we aligned with geo specific beauty influencers to create educational, tutorial content funneling the creative into our paid social campaigns to drive an overall 4.5X RoAS. We used data to inform our launch strategies, using a testing framework across our full funnell acceleration to move users through the consumer journey quicker, establishing Quick Beauty as a key player in these new markets.

The launch campaign drove significant return on investment and customer acquisition costs and has been expanded into an always on component of their overall media mix, in line with the paid social and paid search efforts utilizing geo specific influencer UGC and Branded content.

Services Used

Strategy / Paid Social / Paid Search / Influencer Marketing


Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC/CPA)


Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)


Global Influencers


Influencer Campaign Engagement Rate


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