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The WPBakery page builder plugin is much more powerful and intuitive than the block editor and will continue to be the page builder of Salient. We’ve released an update which allows you to continue to use the Salient WPBakery page builder post WordPress 5.0.

To get compatibility, you must update your version of Salient to the current version (10.0) and Salient WPBakery page builder plugin to the current version (5.6). Alternatively, you can simply install the classic editor plugin to remove the new block editor and avoid having to update the theme/page builder plugin.

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  • Update your version of Salient using any of the methods described in the updating docsWithout updating the theme, the WPBakery page builder update will not be available to you.
  • After installing v10 of the theme, head over to the “Plugins” section of your admin panel and locate the Salient WPBakery page builder plugin. If you’re using an older version of the plugin, it may be named “Salient Visual Composer”. Click on the “Update Required” link to start the update process.

If you’re not seeing the link to update your page builder plugin, and you’ve ensured you’re using Salient v10 – take a moment to verify you have not disabled plugin notifications in the Salient options panel > general settings > toggle theme features tab

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