At mint, we think like challengers.

We challenge convention, accelerate growth and deliver business positive results that have a tangible impact on your bottom line. Digital marketing services are commodities. We believe in delivering disproportionate value through digital strategy, media buying, influencer marketing and social media management, turning insights into action adapting to an ever-changing world and the challenges/opportunities that presents to today’s brands and marketers. ////

Everything starts with a goal.

We start by understanding your business objectives and auditing your business’ digital performance, competitive landscape, customer journey and marketing channels historical performance, developing a holistic data driven strategy that combines our extensive digital marketing knowledge and deep understanding of consumer mindsets in the social and digital era to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

We execute omni-channel campaigns, tailored to your goals and budget, allowing us to test and learn exactly who your consumer is and how to reach them more effectively and efficiently at scale. Through continuous data and trend analysis we turn those insights into action, empowering us to make data driven decisions that inform the broader business strategy.



Delivering social-first digital strategies that are equal parts heart and science.

We’re obsessed with understanding consumer mindsets and how to influence decisions and build relationships. We use data and analysis of consumer attention to inform how we execute.

Our strategies enable clients to challenge convention, increase market share, drive customer acquisition and loyalty, ensuring your marketing channels work together seamlessly to achieve your business goals.

We Innovate. We Adapt. We Capitalize.


Creative is often the variable to capturing attention and getting the message intended across or not.

Our team of content creators and graphic designers create engaging content that elicits a reaction. Combined with our distribution practitioner-ship, we drive disproportionate ROI, because we understand the importance of contextual relevancies of our creative distribution and how to navigate this across each of the platforms your brand has a presence across.

Put simply: killer creative delivered to the right person at the right time.

Our Creative team consists of 6+ Videographers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Copywriters – all focussed on producing quality content specific to you distribution channels.


Transform your paid social results through targeted advertising to drive disproportionate ROI across each platform.

Our Paid Social Specialists devise and execute social advertising strategies designed to boost brand awareness, customer acquisition, customer retention, at the most efficient cost and the highest return on ad spend

As a Facebook Agency Partner, we work closely with our Facebook Team to maximize ROI and stay at the forefront of Algorithm and Platform enhancements, continuously bringing innovation and ROI, at scale.

  • MINT has the collective experience and track record to successfully design, create, execute, optimize and report on full funnel social media advertising campaigns.
  • Unless you’re working with a digital agency like MINT, it’s next to impossible to get Facebook Advertising assistance. MINT leverages its relationships with Facebook & Instagram to ensure our clients are far ahead of their competition.
  • We provide analytics that breakdown every aspect of performance, so you understand what’s working, and why.

Social Media & Community Management

Social Media Platforms provide a real-time feedback loop allowing you to own the conversations around your brand. Our Team aims to spark & harness real conversations to drive real engagement and relationships with your consumers.

  • We manage your social channels, executing social strategies to drive organic reach, followers, engagement brand awareness and site traffic.
  • We dive into your brand to create/curate on brand content that sparks emotion, engagement and social conversation.
  • We manage all aspects of your brands social communities, driving brand sentiment and loyalty, providing a feedback loop to understand brand perception and opportunities.
  • We use data and automations to optimize your social campaigns and provide detailed analytics.
  • We research new channels providing POVs on whether to expand brand presence accordingly.


The Google Ads Network includes a variety of advertising platforms, including Search, Shopping, Google Display Ads and YouTube.

MINT executes cohesive Google Campaigns to drive maximum ROI across the full Google ecosystem, customized to your business goals.

  • GOOGLE SHOPPING ADS (or Product Listing Ads/PLAs) allow you to place your products in front of people searching for products within your vertical, or your brand directly. MINT maximize sales through management of your product listings, to drive scale and tangible impact on your bottom line.
  • Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. MINT take a data first approach to GOOGLE SEARCH understanding keyword analysis, the competitive landscape and device/demo targeting to tailor and fully optimize your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to drive the highest ROI at the lowest cost.
  • YOUTUBE is the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google with 80% of people saying they use YouTube when researching products to buy. MINT customize YouTube Ad Campaigns based on your desired business outcomes, from Brand Awareness & Reach, Search RTG and direct Sales, through YouTube Shopping Campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

Our team aligns your brand with people that drive authentic Influence & measurable brand impact, growing brand awareness and co-sign validation. Our strategies tap into cultural relevancies to execute on-brand, influencer campaigns that amplify your brand across all social networks maximizing the long tail benefits of a strategic influencer strategy.

  • Our team manages all aspects of your influencer strategy, from outreach, agreement establishment and reporting.
  • We track all influencer collabs to understand the brand impact, optimizing accordingly.
  • We leverage our extensive connections to negotiate the best rates and agreements.
  • We provide detailed analysis so you understand the impact of the influencer strategy on your brand.


Turning Insights into action.

Life at Mint

At MINT, we don’t work in silos. We work as a collaborative team, where everyone has shared accountability in delivering maximum ROI for our clients.


Paid Social Specialist
Paid Search Specialist



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