Beforeyouspeak Coffee are one of the fastest growing global direct to consumer coffee brands. They asked us to scale their paid media efforts in line with launching an influencer marketing program in domestic and new markets to drive awareness, new user reach, engagement and revenue, leveraging UGC content for paid media & organic social efforts.

Our Solution

We developed a complete digital marketing mix across strategy, influencer campaigns, paid media & creative to drive domestic and new market reach, awareness and revenue.

Our #takeyourshot campaign leveraged 25+ global influencers to create multi-channel content that explored the lives and lifestyles of the influencers & encouraged others to share their story & engage with the brand. The UGC content was utilized across organic and paid media efforts, driving above benchmark performance and rapid growth in new markets including the US and UK.

Services Used

Strategy / Influencer Marketing / Paid Social / Paid Search / Social Media Management


Return on Investment


Customer Acquisition Cost


Global Influencers




Engagement Rate

"mint have played a major role in our companies ability to scale as fast as we have. Over a period of 6 months we were able to lower our CPA significantly and increase ad spend over 1000% while increasing our ROAS and achieving triple digit year over year growth, leading to second round VC funding."

Jaryd TerkelsenFounder at Beforeyouspeak Coffee